Monday, September 12, 2011

Blazer turned purse.  Notice I left the pocket and one of the buttons on.  I love these and have made about 6 so far. Anyone interested in one?  I can get about 3 purses out of one piece of clothing. I get the handles at Goodwill, buy purses there and cut off the handles. Those things are expensive new! One way to keep the cost down. You can see my collection hanging behind the before picture.

Below is from a long skirt that belonged to my friends mother. She had wonderful pieces of clothing that she was going to donate.  When she told me what she was going to do with them.  I about had a heat attack and said please just wait before you give them away.  I know I can do something with them.  2 months later I found this pattern for purses and went to town. Converted the pattern to a larger size and you have a lap top bag.
Like I said it was a long skirt, had enought for 2 more purses. She loved them! Said they make better purses than a skirt.  I agree!

This one was a little more emotional to do.  It was a sweater that my mom had knitted.  I had picked it up three different times, and couldn't bring myself to cut it.  I watched her work on it, and it was a hard pattern .  So cutting up something she worked so hard on was a little tough.  It wasn't being worn and I couldn't give it away, so when I found the pattern this was the first thing I thought of.  After a deep breath, and I think I closed my eyes there for a minute. Snip Snip. No turning back now!


This one was made out of the sleeves. For Pride and Joy's mom. I'll make another one for my baby girl. There should be enough to make myself one. So we will all carry a piece of grandma.

This is one of my sons old sweaters


  1. C U T E! Love this idea. The possibilities are endless and if you go to goodwill or a thrift store and buy up a lot of sweaters you can have a bag each day of the week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The bags you make are gorgeous, and really look high end. Love all of them, but especially the one from a hounds tooth jacket, and your kept the pocket. How clever is that! If you would, I'd love it if you'd post on my 1st Sunday's Best Party. I'm a graduate of Debbie's Newbie Party. You need to share!

  3. Great idea. Love the blazer purse. I became one of your followers. You'll have to check out my site some time.


  4. Mabel and Ethel, you ladies are absolutely fantastic. I think your work is gorgeous. I wish you lived near me, I would put you to work, LOL I'm visiting and following you from Debbie's Newbie Party and I hope to visit more often. Please come and visit me also. I would love to have you. Hugs, Chris

  5. Great ideas!!! I especially like the laptop bag.

  6. Oh my! I love these.. the houndstooth is my favorite!

    I found you at Debbiedoos and am a new follower.


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