Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vintage Tidbit Tuesday: Stepping-Stones to Dreams Come True

Here's comes another interesting little tidbit from our great little book
"How to Develop a More Successful Personality For a Winning & Magnetic You!"
by Joe Bonomo.
What are the stepping-stones to dreams come true?

Did young Marco Polo have an Aladdin's lamp with him...when he called at the palace of the great Kubla Khan of China?  Why did he leave loaded with gifts of rubies, emeralds and gold...when mere traders failed to do business with the fabulous Chinese Emperor?
What is the secret of personal success?  What are the basic qualities which business people who hire men and women every day agree are important?  These are reported to be good health...good bearing...and poise.

It takes vim, vigor and zest to do a job well.  Health is the most wonderful foundation for happiness you can have.  You were born with a certain amount of health.  This book is going to show you how you can preserve it.  Fresh air...sunshine, good food, plenty of sleep...excercise, and positive thinking are all factors in retaining and building your health.

Other stepping-stones are:  character, honesty, interest on others, self-respect.
Young Marco Polo had them all...and so he succeeded.
One thing about these stepping-stones...take one at a time and that makes the next just as easy as the first!  And each steps leads to another...so tune in every Tuesday and we'll be on our way!

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