Monday, August 1, 2011

No Sew Dog Bed for My Best Friend Jackson

Well my other best friend, besides Mabel, is my dog Jackson.  Sometimes my children think he is even my favorite amongst them.  We laugh because he is referred to as their little brother with an extreme hair disorder!  Well his bed in our bedroom was looking pretty sad.  Look how flat it was.
So I took a piece of 2" foam and cut it about the same size as the existing dog bed.  Wanted to give my baby a little more comfort.  Remember when cutting foam, if you use an electric knife it makes the job effortless.  I nipped off the corners of the foam so there wouldn't be too sharp of a corner.  I had purchased the brownish fleece to match our bedroom, didn't want the dog bed to stand out too much as you can see by the original color.  I'm picky about things like that!  And then I just started fixing the bed using the no sew fleece blanket method.
I cut the fleece out first making two identical pieces 4" bigger on all sides than the size of the bed.  Cut out the corners and then cut 1 1/2" strips around the outside, all 4" deep.  That worked out evenly since the bed size was 36" x 27".  You can adjust these measurements to whatever size works for the size of the bed you are doing.  I placed the piece of 2" foam on top of the bottom piece of fleece.  I then laid two dryer sheets on top of it to give it a better smell and then laid the existing dog bed on top of that.  The dog bed we had did not have a removable cover, you just washed the entire thing so I saw no reason to take the cover off.  I did wash it prior to making this change.  I then put the top piece of fleece on lining it up with the bottom piece and started tying knots.  It helps if you make each knot the same way when doing it.  Sorry this picture turned out a little blurry, my hands were tired from all that tying!
I have to admit the main reason I got busy doing Jackson's bed wasn't so much that it was flat and had holes in it.  I actually purchased the fleece to do this project a few months ago and just never got around to it.  But this past weekend when Mabel was busy with her bridal shower, I hit the auction circuit solo.  Must admit it wasn't as fun without her and it was awful hot so I sweated up a storm, but look at the beautiful "like new" cutting table I got for sewing.  Complete with cutting mat.  I was thrilled.
Perfect for making my doggy's bed on top of.  I love the way it folds up and  can be stored out of the way and the mat rolls up nicely too.  No more using the kitchen or dining room table all the time and having to hear my family grumble about it.  I love my new table.  Well now for the finished dog bed.  It turned out really soft and nice & thick for my little boy.

He Just Loves His New Bed!

Jackson is happy and that is all that matters!
He's going to sleep well tonight!

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