Wednesday, August 24, 2011


OK, let me explain what KIWI MOMENTS are.  Something that you did and don't want anyone to know, but it's so stupid you have to tell someone. It makes you laugh so hard you cry, snort, and wet yourself, all at the same time.  Hence the name, kiwi, because my girlfriend had an encounter with a one. So every time one of us would do something that warranted the title, we would call one another and say, "I have a kiwi moment for you."  Immediately we'd start laughing before we heard what it was, because we knew it was going to be good.  And that started it all, many years ago, and there have been many since.  So periodically we will post them and expose ourselves to you.  So enjoy yourselves at our expense!    

The First Kiwi Moment:

I have this dear friend who used to bring me lunch everyday.  Now that's a friend.  Leftovers! Mmmmm!  Nothing better.  One day she brought kiwi's.  Well growing up in Crystal Rock and being Mexican and all, we were more apt to me running around with no shoes and tortilla in hand.  We had never even heard of a kiwi.  Not part of our vocabulary down in the Rock.  Ours consisted more of beans, rice, and tacos.  Anyhow, we have them for lunch one day, and I had never had one.  So I give it a funny look, not to sure about this fuzzy, nut looking thing......... we peel it, eat it, and to my surprise, I liked it!
So I call my other friend, we'll call her Shannon.  And I tell her about my new experience with this thing they call a kiwi. Her response, "I DON'T LIKE THEM!  That hairy covering taste awful, it got stuck in my teeth!" My response, "You dumb ass, your not suppose to eat it, your suppose to peel it, and eat the inside!"  "OH," was all she could say. I never laughed so hard in all my life. 

So that ladies and gentlemen, is why we call them the KIWI MOMENTS. 

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  1. It most be bat time again. One swooped down at me 2 weeks ago. We couldnt find it until the next morning Hershey found it chasing it all around the den until I screamed and got Dean up to catch it. I feel for Ray. I am not the brave one. Holly was disappointed because she likes to catch them. crazy girl!


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