Saturday, August 27, 2011

Got it!

 At 1am my dear husband, came up stairs, woke me up breathing heavy, and it's not what your thinking.  The bat made it's appearance last night.  He was holding the door shut, like the bat was going to push it open.  Wiping the sleep from my eyes. I ask what time it is. Remember I have a record to break.  He tells me it's in the back room.  So I'm assuming he confined it there.  He did tell me, I brought up your gate.  So I grab the gate, ready for the hunt. As I'm walking downstairs, it swoops by me.  Ray is in the upstairs bathroom now. When I tell him, "IT'S UP HERE!"  I hear the door slam. I'm on my own! Four swats and I get it.  I still didn't break my old record of 8 minutes though. Next time. Ray said he fell asleep downstairs, woke up and was checking the back door to make sure it was locked. And there it was circling. I don't think his feet touched the stairs when he ran up has hard as he was breathing.
He told me it was a good thing I caught it or I would not have been allowed to visit my daughter in Portland. Tough guy huh! Yeah sure he is, behind the closed door.

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