Saturday, June 22, 2013


We were at an auction in Fremont, Ohio,
these two pieces of wicker came up and no one bid.
The auctioneer said, 
"Will any one give me a dollar?"
Not being able to let a deal go by, 
my friend, Shannon said, 
"I will."

Can you believe it,

Called her brother to come and haul them home,
he was not happy.
Doesn't he realize, that's what brothers are for!
We started spraying before we took a picture.
The anticipation was killing us! 

These were constructed to hold a tank.
Metal bars on the bottom underneath the springs.
And every spring was there.

She found some fabric at Goodwill for $2.00. 
Went to Menards to save big money and got the paint.

We couldn't wait to finish spraying, 
we wanted to see what the fabric would look like, 
so we laid it on.
Perfect match! 

She found the cushions along side the road.
We are scavengers!  
The paint was the most expense she had in 
this little make over.
It looks fabulous! 
And extremely comfortable.
Good job my friend!
Give yourself another pat on the back!

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