Thursday, June 6, 2013


 Ethel and I went to Paducah Ky last month. 
Largest quilt show in the country.  After being there I think it is the largest in the world!  
Can you believe it, right in our own back yard... 
Besides meeting fellow quilters from all over the US, there was a plane of women that flew in from England. What!!
And a bus from Calgary, Canada. 
Egypt tent makers were there sewing. 
I think there hands went as fast as my machine.

 It was amazing and the quilts were breath taking.  
The talent these women have left my jaw dropping 
at every turn.  
We took a bus with Quilts and Kreations, in South Amherst.  We didn't have a seat on the bus at first, 
we were on the waiting list.  
Thank you Jesus we got on!
We called daily the week before, 
I know they got sick of hearing from us. 
When she called and said we were on, I squealed!  
  The cost was 515.00. I thought that was a lot, until I talked to the lady from Calgary who paid 2000.00, by bus, and that didn't include anything.  We had beautiful rooms at the Harrah Casino in Metropolis, IL. 
Saw Superman! 
Tickets to all the shows two meals a day, and a life time of memories.  

We want to go back next year.
So we are starting our Paducah Fund. 

As of now we have some loose change, 
a paper clip some rubber bands.
We are going to see if we can go for nothing.  
We are going to sell junk we find and see how much we come up with before next year. 
We have something at the auction right now. 
Can't wait to see what that goes for. 

And here are 2 perfectly good sinks.  
Found on the side of the road. 
They will be hitting the auction block soon.

These women were from the
yes there is such a thing.

Here is their professional photo.
They look very proud don't they?
Could this be the future of Ethel and Mabel?

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