Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This is the bag I was using as my guide. 
I am a pro at putting in zippers now,
I've done three!

This is what I ended up with! 

It's so big it can hold a six pack.
(of pop of course)
I couldn't figure out what I did wrong at first.

Well the vertical seams were suppose to be 5" TOTAL.
I made mine 3.5 from the center,
leaving my bag 7" tall. 
It looks ridiculous!
It is lined with oil cloth to wipe up any spills.
I was so proud of myself until I turned it inside out.

My Sissy said she wanted it. 
I think it was out of pity, 
but she did ask if I could put a strap on it.
Going to give it a try. 
She has little ones, I'm sure she'll find use for it.

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