Thursday, January 24, 2013


Saw this method on... 
where else,

But they used denim.  
Thought that might be a little rough on the piggys. 
And I have made a few t-shirt quilts, and can't bare to throw any of the scraps away.  I have drawers full, bags full, and hidden under the bed scraps,
 knowing full well I would use them some day. 

Well today's the day!

I took an old towel. Perfect size for on the side of bed. 
Or bath mat!
I want to do an all white one.

Drew a 1" grid all the way around with a sharpie.
I'm sure you could go in any direction.
But your spacing needs to stay consistent for full coverage.

Dug out the stash. Decided to use OSU colors. 
Or PHS colors.

Stacked and cut 1"x 2" rectangles.

Grabbed what ever color was on top. 
I layered black, grey, red, white, before I cut them.
Then I just piled the little stacks on top of one another..
Center a piece on the line.

Gather it up and just sew!

I followed the measurement on the directions. I think you may be able to cut the pieces a little longer than 2" but you have to keep in mind, you need to see the line to follow. 
The denim may have been a little hard to gather, so it was best at that size. After I completed one time around, I sewed it again, just to secure it.
On my next one I will try to cut the pieces a little longer.

Start in the center seemed to work best.  
There wasn't any bulk in the throat of the machine. 
I just kept sewing in a circular direction.

Instant Gratification!

It feels fantastic on the pigs.
When I get to the end, I will put a backing piece of what every I have on and bind like a quilt.
I'm sure it would be fine without the backing, but I think it will give it a more finished look.

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