Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Present

My Husband got be bungee cords for Christmas.
Wasn't that nice of him?
Sad thing is,
 I look pretty excited about it don't I?

And this is another gift he got me a few years back.
If I remember correctly, it was for my birthday.
Come on Ray, 
dangle a diamond necklace off the handle for crying 
out loud.
He does know me though, I wanted this light.

And the wheel barrel was a gift from my son.
When it's summer, I'm outside. 
Love to work the land!
 I think it's the mexican in me, 
and we are known to be pretty good at landscaping.

My neighbor had of crew of my people 
do a clean up around his yard.
There were like 15 of them, I watched in amazement.  
It was an ant farm, in motion, they were everywhere. 
Two hours later, lickity split, they were gone,
all in one pickup truck.
True story!
Well, maybe not 15....
but there were about 7

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