Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Here is another little project we got into a while before the holiday season. 
Ray insisted on painting the basement we are never in.
And of course we hired it out because of all the rafters.
No, the cost was very reasonable. I just have a hard time paying out, because I'm a DIY kinda a gal.
But I must say, it was quite a transformation.

This is a before.  
Yes those are black walls!
Our son decided he was going to make this his room at one point, and went through his dark phase. 
 Why he only went half way around the room I'll never know.  
But I have to give it to him, he had a vision, 
it had all black and white art work on the walls. 
 It looked rather modern.

Painting crew.
Sad to see the hop scotch I painted on floor for MY children go though.
Ray was more a clean up guy.
Tim the painter is great and very reasonable.
I never had to pick up a thing.

First thing he did was the rafters,
What a difference. 
Then he patched the holes to paint the walls.

Then the floors

The dark hole on the far end 
is a crawl space under the sun room. 
We ended up putting a neon Chief Wahoo light. 
Perfect fit! 
It's in the last photo.
Here's a couple of rockers we had down there. I applied some stain I already had.
 Again, a perfect match for the room.

There is a small half bath.

Love the pipes                

We went to Ollies and got these 2' square carpet pieces. They didn't have enough of the same so, 
I made a quilt on the floor.
God forbid we get any water down there.
 But if we do, all we have to do is remove only what's wet.

Our son brought home his Danish Modern furniture. 
It completely comes apart.
A regular couch would not make the turn to get down the stairs.  
We went and picked out the fabric to recover.
I'll post that project down the road.

This is an area outside the room. Grandbabies took it over. They love playing down there.

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