Monday, January 9, 2012

We Had Another Bat!!!

It was December 30th, a cold blizzary night.  My son was leaving the next day after being home for Christmas.  We all went out to eat and getting to the restaurant at different times, we had 5 cars there.  Leaving, I jump in my car and tell everyone I'll meet you at home.  Being the first to arrive, I get the pleasure of releasing the kennel of dogs we have.  My two Yorkies, April and May, Gracie, my daughter's dog, and Hank my son's.  We go outside to do our job and come back in for a treat.  
They are barking like idiots, and I start to yell at them to knock it off.  All of a sudden Hank, the hound lab mix, is jumping up and down like he wants to play.  To big for the house, I tell him to stop.  We are in the living room by now, and I'm afraid he's going to break something.  I turn and the bat swoops by me. Ahhhh that's what all the commotion is about.
 I'm still home alone.  I run out to get the net.  Start making calls to find out where everyone is.  No answers!  Of course!  The girls are locked up in the back room.....Barking!!!  It's Hank and I.  He is having a ball jumping and wagging his tail every time it flies by. 
 I notice the bat is a little lethargic, not as fast as the summer time bats.  I don't know what woke him up from his hibernation, but it was obvious from his flight he wasn't up to par.  This is going to be a piece of cake, I thought. 
 All of a sudden he is no where to be found.  I looked everywhere.  Worried my husband is going to pull in and see me with the net, (remember he is deathly afraid of them) I hurry out to the garage to put it away.  Figured it will make an appearance eventually. 
 My son finally pulls in and I get him up to date on the situation.  We cannot find it!!!  So we agree not to tell dad, or he will not let us go to sleep until we do. 
 Ray comes home, routine sets in.  He plants himself in the recliner and starts to read the paper, my son is on the other end of the couch.  I come to give kisses good night.  
As I'm walking toward my son, he has this BIG smile on his face, I can tell by the look on his face the bat has reappeared.  It is flying behind me. 
 Ray doesn't see it yet, he has the paper up blocking his view.  I sit next to my son and we can't wait for Ray to react.  I know that's evil, but we have a sick sense of humor.  
He glances over at us, he knows something is up, because we both can't stop smiling. 
 All of a sudden it swoops by him.  We are laughing so hard watching him swing the paper back and forth, kicking and screaming.
"A *#@^ bat, It's winter" that's all he kept saying.  
He can't get out of the recliner to run.  So Jay and I get up to catch it before he has a heart attack.  
We close him and the dogs in the back room.  Have our net, and it disappears again. 
 I know I'm not going to get any sleep.  
Jay goes up to get his suitcase and comes down the stairs.  
As I walk in the foyer, I spot it.  It's is hanging on the moulding, upside down.  You would think the blood would rush to their little heads like it did to Ethel when she was stuck on her brothers inversion machine. 
 There Jay is holding his suitcase with 2 hands, I have the net and slap it to the floor, I stomp on it,
(sorry animal activist this sucker is going to die, yes they eat mosquito's and yes they are good for the environment, blah blah blah,
 but my husband is going to have a heart attack some day because of these buggers).

Jay just watches never letting go of his suitcase to help.  Like father, like son.  
As I step on it, it gets out and starts to crawl toward Jay.  
His feet start going up and down but he's not going anywhere.  He just keeps saying OH..OH..OH..OH.  
I throw a rug on it and give it one last stomp.  
 I have to take the carcass to show Ray, he never believes we caught it if we don't show him.  Now I can go to bed.....


  1. Oh! Brave lady! Loved your post.

    1. Thank you. Now if my husband only appreciated all I do to save him.


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