Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seven Success Secrets ~ SecFimp!

All fairy stories are based on magic.  A fairy's wand turns a pumpkin into a coach and Cinderella gets to go to the ball.  A white car, Puss N' Boots, brings his young master luck.  A sacred charm, a wonderful lamp, an enchanted carpet. . .all these are more than fairy tales.  They are the stuff of human dreams, centuries old.  For always men and women have sought the secrets for important living. . .the way to happiness.

You'll never find an electronic machine to solve this one.  You remember the stories of how the brownies, Robin Goodfellow and company would arrive when the family was asleep to patch the cobbler's shoes and leave all in the house spic and span with a whisk of a broom and an elfin laugh?  Well, here's the good news. . .the exciting news. . .there are seven little success helpers like friendly elves to help you stir the magic recipe. . .a winning personality!

These seven secrets are called:  Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Courtesy, Friendliness, Initiative, Memory, and Persistence.  You can abbreviate it to SecFimp.  If you use them wisely, they will serve you as well as any wonderful lamp or magic charm.

Maybe you're quite grown-up. . .but there's a little room for believing yet.  You have to have faith in this magic recipe to put it to work.

There is splendid supernatural power to help you. . .the same power that leads birds over thousands of miles of sea. . .that sets the stars in the sky. . .that brings Spring each year.  You can tune in to this power!

Over the next seven Tuesdays we will discuss each one of these secrets in detail. . .stay tuned.

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  1. I can remember this small book from years ago. I followed its principles as I grew older and can say they do work. There were other books in the series.


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