Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Really Big Auction Item!!!

This passed weekend Ethel and I went to another auction.  It still amazes us what they sell at these things.  A while back there was a prosthetic leg... Yes a leg!  When they put that on the block we just looked at each other. And of course being our immature selves, busted out laughing.  We know we can be idiots at times, and when we laugh at things we probably shouldn't be laughing at, we do ask for the Lord's forgiveness.  But come on... a leg... at an auction!  Now that's funny.  Well this past weekend, and I don't know how this can ever be topped, there was......

Drum roll please.....

The Great John

When we walked into the barn, 
the auction was at the fair grounds, 
we just stood there... speechless....I mean what words are there for something like this.  We never knew they made them this "Great" 

After we got over the initial shock, words started to form. The only thing that came out was "Oh MY" And then thinking of all of you out there in blogger world, out comes the camera.  We knew you'd want to see this.  It was taped off  with yellow caution tape.  It is being sold next week. I jumped the tape and had Ethel snap a picture.  We haven't mastered the craft of super imposing photos yet, we are novices to the graphic world, so for now I'll just have to be 
Sponge Bob's Mimi.

Of course I had to sit on it! 
Not to fret, it was brand new.

If I would have sat back where you normally would, my feet would have been sticking straight out. It's like an over sized recliner.  Look at the size of that lid, it came up to my neck. Put a pad on that and you have your self a head rest.  We drew quite a crowd.  Everyone was loosing it!  Including us, we never laughed so hard in our lives.  Leave it to us, to find humor at the benefit of others short comings.  Once again, Please forgive us Lord!  We can't wait to go back this Saturday and see what it goes for. We decided if it goes for $2.50,  it's ours.  We do need a new one for the cabin!  We may need to knock out a wall though.  What a conversation piece!  But I am afraid if my husband ever used it, he would fall in love.  It's like your sitting on your couch.  Then again, not be a bad idea, he'd go to the cabin to do his business. He may never come back in the house!  Can you picture it in the back of the truck on the ride home?  Do you think it would draw some stares?  To be honest, I don't know if the shocks would hold up.  We did a little research on it and it says it can support up to 2000 lbs.  
Again no words!

Don't really know if we should have posted this next picture, and we don't mean to offend anyone,  but we couldn't help ourselves.   Remember we are immature.  And from the blissful look on the two in the ad, we figured what the heck, their happy, we're happy. 

How would you like to be the sales rep for this product?

Again, OH MY!    

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