Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookie Tree

 Well we did it!  The Cookie Tree did get made. I wasn't all talk this time.   But I couldn't have done it with out the help of Prides mommy.  It was a lot of fun.  We were suppose to make two batches of the dough to complete the tree.  That was 10 cups of flour.  We of course split up the ingredients, and made one at a time.  In the process burned up two mixers!  The first mixer I burned up, smoke was pouring out of it. I thought I was in love with it, it was a tilt mixer with a bowl, (Kitchen Aid wanna be) but if you didn't hold the bowl it would spin into space.  But I was happy with it. After I killed that one, I pulled out the old hand held mixer.  Again Smoke! Are you kidding me, I felt like I was mixing cement.  Nothing left to do but go to the Christmas tree and open the gift I got myself. 
Yes, I wrapped! 
OMG!!!!!  Every home should have one. Throw all the ingredients in and walk away. Unless you add all the flour in at once and turn it on, then you will be wearing the flour like it was.  Prides mommy came to the rescue, Martha Stewart took a dish towel and covered it, then turned it on.  Duh!  Works great!  I was so happy I kept it I was thinking about selling it, I named her Pearl!  This is her new spot in the kitchen, notice how her strip coordinates with the one on the cabinet.  Meant to be! 
 By the way you don't need 2 batches to make one tree. We had enough to make 2 1/2 trees. We used the recipe that came with the cutters. They were  fantastic.
Before the frosting

We have to come up with an easier way to frost them

Day 2
Oh yeah, we made the mint balls too!
Move over Peppermint Patties these have you beat

Pride is pretty proud of her Cookie Tree!


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