Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Tree Full of Memories

Was looking at my Christmas Tree today and realized that there are a lot of wonderful memories hanging on the branches and each one seems like only yesterday.  My Christmas Tree doesn't have a theme, it is just an eclectic mix of ornaments ranging from ones I spent probably too much for to those that are handmade and priceless.
As you can see our Christmas Tree fits just nicely into our bay window and I love the traditional colored Christmas lights.  And it looks like Santa has already been busy putting gifts under the tree.  I hope some are for me!!  One of my favorite ornaments I made in the hospital with my mother when I was twelve and had broken my leg.  He's a pine cone Santa that always takes center stage on the tree.  His face was made with an old nylon and we used my mother's lipstick to color his nose red.

I have already told my daughter she could have him since she too broke her leg a few years ago.  Until she is old enough to leave home and have a tree of her own he will still get to hang around for me to enjoy.

Another one of my favorite ornaments is from the town my mother and I visit often to enjoy their Nights Before Christmas Tour of Homes.  It's Madison Indiana, and we were lucky enough to go again this year.

Each year we visit I put
the date on the ornament
to remember.  Some day I hope to move there.

I've collected a lot of ornaments from places we have visited, they make great keepsakes and you get to remember those trips every year when you pull the ornaments out to hang on the tree.

I have to laugh, the ornament with the wine cork on top of it to the right was made by my mother to commemorate the wine we drank at the Thomas Family Winery on one of our trips to Madison, Indiana.
Next to it is this years newest homemade ornament, 
a pine cone angel. My daughter and I each made one at our local city greenhouse's holiday open house.

Every family member has ornaments on the tree, even our pets!
And I try to make sure I put a date on each ornament if it doesn't come with it already on it.

My Son Loves Clocks!
A Ukrainian Egg. Just Love It!
Do you see the Christmas Spider?
I used to do quilling years ago and made many of these wreath ornaments.

Mod Podged this American Girl Ornament for my daughter when she got Samantha a few years ago.
Santa Mouse carrying his packages up the ladder on the side of the tree.
Made guessed it my mother.  Joy to everyone and Merry Christmas.
I hope you enjoyed this glimpsed at my Christmas Tree.   I just love sitting and looking at it, what wonderful memories it holds.  I look forward to putting it up every year.
Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!


  1. I LOVE this tree.. Everywhere I look on the internet today it seems like Trees are full of these huge oversized matching ornaments. I have tons of ornaments from years past, kids made with finger prints, pictures etc. I love how you look at it with a tree full of Memories. Thanks for sharing. I am so glad people still put meaning into their Decorations.

    1. Thanks Jacki for the kind words regarding my Christmas Tree. Hard to believe it is almost time to put it up again. I agree with you I would much rather have a unique tree with family memories than a cookie cutter one where everything matches. Wishing you the very best with the upcoming holidays.

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