Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 14 20011 What were we thinking??

Well I guess I'm not a complete moron when it comes to downloading photos. Look at this mess!  This was all found along side the road and the auction we went to.  I think we have a sickness... I ran across this word "DISPOSOPHOBIA"  Yikes, we're in trouble.  Went to a church rummage sale this morning and spent $5.00 Coffee table soon to be bench, end table, don't know yet, and the worlds most hideous lamp.  I will dig it out, it deserves it's own photo.  You'll see!  For a buck what the heck, my son loves that kind of stuff. We have given ourselves a couple of dates to get some things done and SELL at the flea market.  We will make it.... Notice the bug zapper on the one dresser. That was a free bee, we will use that with our night vision goggles, trying to hit our dead line. We work good under pressure...
And what about that night stand with the red velvet insert, and there is a dresser that goes with it. Quite a lovely piece I might add.  Can you believe some one was throwing that out? Ethel said she is having nothing to do with that piece..She will be sorry, it is going to be quite a metamorphosis when I'm finished with it!!!

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