Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 This is by far 
the bestest bread pudding you will ever have.....
Absolutely EVERYONE who tastes it wants the recipe.
The first time Ethel had some, it was at the movies.
Yes, I am one of those people who 
take their own treats to the theater.
I can't afford 15 dollars for a bag of M&M's, 
let alone the price of the ticket. 

I have what I call,

I had just taken it out of the oven 
when she called to go see War Horse.
When we get there and the lights go out.
Out comes this warm, 
delectable, luscious, yummy 
(I know, a lot of adjectives, but thats how good this stuff is!)

One fork among the 4 of us. 
She couldn't believe I brought it!
But once she tried it, 
I caught her licking up one side and 
down the other of the fork.
Gross Huh? 
Back and forth we pass it,
 (even after Ethel tongued the fork) 
moaning with every bite,
until it was gone.

Sure enough they wanted the recipe!

Here it is right out of the oven

The Bourbon topping with Pecans.

And here's the book where I got the recipe.
It's dated March/April 2010.

I know this is small, I will try to enlarge,
 but I wanted to get it posted.

This subscription is worth every dime.
Not a lot of pictures, but it gives the absolute best, 
"use this and don't use that"
kind of info.
And that's what I'm known for, substituting,
but I followed this recipe to a tee. 

I also purchased their 
Slow Cooker Revolution,
Every recipe I've tried in this book has been perfect!

It's really worth trying!

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