Thursday, November 8, 2012


I made this alphabet for a shower gift.
They are fabric and about 3"tall.
As you can see I didn't go with the typical. "A is for apple" 
Kind of small to see but....
C has little red crabs 
M has little mice 

But my favorite and most personal is the X.
A picture of her ultra sound.
Yes, I know ultra sound starts with a U.
But it is also an x-ray.
Can you see the babies little ear on the bottom right leg. 
On the left leg is the little nose and the eye right above that.
Kind of looks like a thumb sticking up right below the nose.
The mommy to be loved it. 

Just to show you how pliable they are.
No magnets on the back of these.
This mother is a little anal about certain things.

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