Friday, March 2, 2012

Animal Lover!

I was talking to Ethel this morning and she told me a little story that made me laugh.  At Christmas time she saw a story online about a cat that had 26 toes.....
Yes 26!   
The animal shelter in Wisconsin that was housing the cat was in need of a larger location.  They decided to use the cat to help raise money,  I think they were exploiting the cat (not really) ...... Anyhow, they were asking for a donation of a dollar per toe!
That's what made me laugh!
I got a visual before I got online to get a look at this cat, and thought, that thing must need a tree trunk for a scratching post......I know, I'm terrible.......
Well this little tabby cat raised $80,000.00.  
Wish I had 26 toes!  
 Ethel was one of the kind souls that contributed. 
Kudos to Ethel! 
Well the story doesn't end there.
 Since she was on their email list, she got sucked in when they contacted her about this dog who was in Washington D.C. that they needed to get back to the shelter in Wisconsin.  They needed someone to take the leg from Cleveland to Toledo. Well guess who volunteered!  ETHEL!  It's like the torch for the Olympics!  She let her daughter Hazel know and she was all excited about the road trip.  She is going to be disappointed though, she was just contacted this morning that someone from United Airlines has offered to fly the dog home free of charge.
This animal shelter has it going on! 
Free flights, $80,000.
 I'm in the wrong business!

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