Wednesday, July 3, 2013


                                    This is a section in my back yard.
It needed a face lift.

I moved the bench, cleared the weeds, 
and repositioned the bench back a little.

Which left me with this....

Got out my old wood ladder that my husband keeps trying to get me to throw away,
and collected the bird houses around the yard,
 and wired them on.
 Added a watering can, and wheelbarrow....
 The galvanized buckets are also from the auction.
I have a thing for them and the old watering cans.

  Ok... so it's cleaned up,
but I still wasn't satisfied.

Dug out these old rusty chairs, 
and gave them a spray of apple red.
 What a difference!

Hank on guard duty in the background!

Had this little tiki hut 

The tall green balls in the back right 
are what's left of my Allium bulbs.  
I always just chopped them down and threw away.  
I can't believe they are still green.  It's been 6 weeks.  
They are our fairy balls. 
My grandbabies and I had a ball placing everything.
I even had Raegan on Pinterest,
With her own account, mind you!

Pinning Fairy Gardens.
She couldn't wait to come and show which ones she found.
After we got everything just right,
I told them, 
"I really hope the fairies like it and come and visit."
Raegan looked and me and said,
"Mimi, you know fairies aren't real, Don't you?"

I can right back and said, 
"Well didn't the tooth fairy come and visit you the other night?"
She dropped dead in her tracks, and looked at me.
I said, "She's real"
Now they run out to see if anything is moved around, 
and asks if I did it.

Sure enough,
 the fairies have taken up residency!

I painted glow in the dark paint on the stick roof.
Can't wait for them to be over some evening to see that.
And chalk board paint on the hanging signs.
Wired some sticks for a ladder.
Got the fence out of the Christmas village we got for free at, where else? 

It's hard to see but the vertical stick to the left of the bird bath, has a piece of string hanging on it with one of Hunters hot wheels tires.

Now I'm much happier.
And I was able to use the wash tub that's at the right of the red chair, also an auction find.

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