Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

This weekend my daughter and I made these pop tarts.
Fun, Quick, and Very easy. 
Thank God for already made pie crust.
I'm not a make your own crust kinda girl.
Anything that makes my life easier is the way I go.

The white rectangle on the top, is the template I used to keep everything the same size.

I used a paring knife to cut out the face.

Don't cut them all out, 
you have to remember to save some for the bottom.

Dollop of pumpkin, to much and it will ooze out.
The filling and frosting recipe is at the end of post.

Inspector Number 3
His BD was on the 7th, he is three now. 
Woke up the day after and asked if he was still "Free".

Seal edges with a fork.

All of these were out of one two pie crust
400 degrees 
8-10 mins
Looking at this photo I just realized 
3 at the top don't have mouths or is it noses.
My daughter must have done those, I'm sure it wasn't me!
The log on the left, was left over dough.
Nothing goes to waste!
I freaked out when I put on the glaze,
 but it ended up drying clear

They were very good

Perfect size for little hands 
The template is 2"x 3"
Here is where you can get the recipe

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