Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kiwi Moment

Some of you may not know what this is, 
if you click on the kiwi, on the right hand side of the blog, 
you'll get an explanation there.

Now for this moment

A friend, we will call Mexican Martha, 
went to the big city of New York.  
She is from little old Crystal Rock, 
a spit on the map.
 This little community consisted of Mexicans and Hillbillies,
no lie, I came from there.
But there was no better place to grow up.

Back to Martha, 
We Mexicans are not known for our height,
tortillas, yes!
She is no bigger than a minute.
 Her and hubby were touring the city,
 and felt very out of place.
Well Martha had to go to the bathroom.  
Once she finds one, goes in does her job, 
washes her hands.  
Looks around, NO towels.  
OK, she sees the blower.
 Her hands dripping she goes up and realizes they want her to deposit some change. Not familiar with the ways of the big city, she figures they charge for everything. She puts her wet hands in her purse to get a coin. 
Drops the coin in and leans forward to dry her hands.  
Remember she is no taller than the machine, 
which is eye level to her. 
Instead of air drying her hands 
a squirt of perfume comes out and shoots her in the eyes.
She grabs her eyes with her wet hands 
and was worried that she is going to get raped and pillaged, 
while going blind.

Now wouldn't you think she would have had enough sense to read what the machine was for.
She said she was alone and nervous.
Poor little Mexican, 
went home with her sombrero between her legs!

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