Monday, November 14, 2011

Screened in Porch

Here is some porch furniture I inherited from my Dad.  It was in pretty bad shape, but it's base was oak, so I knew it was quality made furniture. The fabric was just a little tired.

I hated walking out in the porch area, this rug and the upolstery,  YUCK
I figured it was time to recover and get a new rug. Now, what color?


After I painted it this color, I felt like it I was on the Golden Girls Lani, it had a shimmer to it.  Which wouldn't have been so bad, but the fabric has a shimmer to it also.  So back to the Menards to save big money. And this is the color I chose below.
Much Better!
Just to ease your mind, those aren't pee marks, The furniture was so dirty, I took a scrub bursh and a hose to it. It was dripping wet when I was finished with it. Ever try to pick up a couch that has been saturated.  Couldn't budge it.  It wasn't going anywhere. 
Took a whole day to dry out down in the Carolina heat.


Now I am not a blue person, but this fabric just jumped out at me, I fell in love with it.  And it looks like the rug is a keeper now. Doesn't look bad with it.  I love it when that happens. 
That's Magilla Gorilla in the corner there

 I was considering painting the brick wall behind the sofa, after consulting with my designer (my son) and got a definite NO! But he did suggest a mirror.  Now for me more is better.  So off to the garage to look at the stash of mirrors I got at the auctions.  
                     He was right.                                       A wall of mirrors.                                I love it!                        
The only bad thing is I finished it at the end of the summer I can't enjoy until next season. It's full of all the outside furniture.                                                                                                           Thanks For Stopping By!

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